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Bristol - uk directory

Bristol is known to locals as Brizzal. The city has a great harbor side location lined with restaurants, museums and your never guess.. yep boats!

Bristol if located at the end of the river seven and on the boarder of South Wales. Some great views and country side are with minutes of the city centre along with cider…

Local to Bristol is the cider land also known as Somerset where people live to drink, and drink to drink cider (well most of them Ed the nutter to name one). Bristol is become very cosmopolitan due to its two universities student base e.g. Northamptonshire etc.. Walking around the city you’ll find Yars and ooo rr’s cider and champers (darling)


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Bristol shopping centre – The Mall : The Mall offers exciting UK shopping centres for you or your family. With locations across the country, our shopping centres offer a shopping experience for everyone both young and old. We have many top brand stores so come along, enjoy a relaxing day out in Bristol

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